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Adoption Rocks provides adoption help in Mobile, AL and other areas of Alabama for women with unplanned pregnancy and adoption information

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Adoption Rocks is volunteer driven. All the time and monies are donated through the generosity of those who have a passion and a desire to help women and children during a crisis time in their life. In Mobile County, Alabama over 50% of pregnant women are single women. And over 6,000 children have been placed in foster care due to neglect and abandonment. Our position is to help these women and children before department of Human Resources has, too. Many women do not know where to turn when presented with an unplanned pregnancy or are misinformed about the adoption process. By placing posters, card racks, web site and community events we are helping break the misconceptions people have about domestic infant adoption. If you would like to help or participate in a fundraiser, please fill out the online form or call us directly. You can also  donate online to support Adoption Rocks, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Adoption Rocks is a non-profit 501-c(3) located in Mobile, Alabama.  We are dedicated to loving, embracing and enabling women with  unplanned pregnancies make an incredible choice for life and supporting those who seek to build families through adoption. Adoption Rocks was founded by a group of civic leaders, adoptive parents and professionals who each had a strong concern about babies being born to single mothers and decreasing rates of infant adoptions in Alabama, especially Mobile and Baldwin counties of Alabama.


Adoption Rocks is working hard to place adoption education materials into local Alabama health clinics, Alabama school nurse offices, Alabama crisis pregnancy centers, Alabama ob-gyn offices and more. Adoption Rocks is also trying to educate the general public about adoption as an option for crisis pregnancies in the state of Alabama. Over 50 percent of babies born in Mobile county, Alabama are born to unwed mothers. Often, these single mothers can not adequately care for their children and a strain is placed on extended family members to step in and help. Because of abuse and neglect roughly 6,000 children who have been removed from their homes and placed in the legal custody of the state of Alabama. Adoption Rocks is hoping to change this trend through education and awareness.  


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Proceeds from the Adoption Rocks fundraising events help provide funds for adoption awareness posters, rack cards and DVDs featuring birth mothers and adoptive couples sharing their adoption stories.


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